Feisty Pets - Taylor Truelove
Feisty Pets - Taylor Truelove
Feisty Pets - Taylor Truelove

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Feisty Pets - Taylor Truelove

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Adorable Stuffed Valentine Bear that Turns Feisty with a Squeeze

  • MEET TAYLOR TRUELOVE – This special edition Valentine Bear is only 8" tall–but don't let Taylor know that–unless you wanna see the feisty side of this pet
  • FEISTY PET EXPRESSIONS – Turn your sweet and innocent looking stuffed animal from “awww” to “ahhh!” by giving it a little squeeze behind the ears
  • These pets have an endearing resting face and are great for cuddle time and their animated alter ego is fun for play and to give your friends
  • ABOUT TAYLOR - Taylor likes freedom, jacuzzis, and breakups and dislikes long walks on the beach, holding hands, and chocolates. He loves you … then he loves you not.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT – the perfect way to say “I love you to death”
  • Stuffed with polyester fibers and is surface washable