Plush stuffed lion with face changing from sweet to feisty
Plush stuffed lion with sweet face
Plush stuffed lion with feisty face

William Mark Corporation

Feisty Pets - Marky Mischief

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Adorable Stuffed Lion that Turns Feisty with a Squeeze

  • MEET MARKY – This charismatic lion is only 8" tall–but don't let Marky know that–unless you wanna see the feisty side of this pet
  • FEISTY PET EXPRESSIONS – Turn your sweet and innocent looking stuffed animal from “awww” to “ahhh!” by giving it a little squeeze behind the ears
  • These pets have an endearing resting face and are great for cuddle time and their animated alter ego is fun for play and to give your friends
  • ABOUT MARKY - Marky likes pro wrestling, meerkats (they taste like chicken), and steak wrapped in bacon and dislikes housecats, hairbrushes, and vegetables. Perfect for fun with family and friends, let him help you make some fun
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT – kids and adults love Feisty Pets - they're so funny! 
  • Stuffed with polyester fibers and is surface washable